Augtoro Teaches Whisper

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“We have much to discuss today” said Augtoro. She was one of Whisper’s guides and protector. “Are you ready?” Whisper laughed. She was always ready. She couldn’t learn or process her challenges fast enough. Her goal was always to become her true being, whatever that meant. She wasn’t sure. She just wanted to be the best woman she could be. Many would say she had reached her goal, however, Whisper knew she hadn’t. There were still issues floating around inside her, old emotions and pains she didn’t even realize she held within. She had worked hard for years, but she soon learned that each issue held many layers. As you peeled one away and released it back into the Universe another one surfaced. It was a fun puzzle for Whisper. She loved the challenge and no longer pushed it down within.

Augtoro waited patiently for Whisper to complete her reflections. Whisper soon realized she was being rude and quickly apologized for keeping Augtoro waiting. Augtoro simply smiled.

“Whisper, we are very proud of you. You took that final leap in your marriage. We know you feel like you failed, but you didn’t. You did exactly what you needed to do. You have much work to do on the planet and staying in your marriage restricted the amount you could accomplish. It was not a failure. How can you fail when you listen to your soul and provide it with what it needs?”

“We love you so much and honor you in your path. We watch your daily struggle as you strive to complete your contract. We know you are tired. We know you have fought hard not only for yourself but for your ancestors. You carried forth their DNA and cellular memory of old pains and regrets. You have completed healing them. You have heard many times that humans can heal the past. That is how you do it. You bring it forth and heal it within yourself and in doing that you change not only your future but the future of your ancestors.”

“Wait,” exclaimed Whisper. “What do you mean the future of my ancestors?”

Augtoro smiled, “Remember Whisper you do not die. They did not die. You are preparing them for their next future, you are healing their wounds. The next time they come to earth they will arrive baggage free. You have done much of their work for them. The future of humanity is changed by not only you, but any humans who choose to heal themselves. They heal their ancestors as they heal themselves.” “Wow” said Whisper.

She sat further back in her chair pondering what Augtoro had just told her. I healed my ancestors. I didn’t even know that was possible.

“One more thing Whisper, as you healed your ancestors you also helped heal humanity, preparing them for the New Era, the world of Aquarius, the new world of peace and harmony. You did that and for that we are grateful. Everyone in the Universe is watching all of you on earth. We are eager to see what new stories you will write.”

Augtoro waited for Whisper to process her new information. Soon Whisper looked up with understanding and thanked Augtoro. She knew their session was over as she could feel Augtoro’s energy fading. It made her sad. “Goodbye” she whispered. “Goodbye little one” Augtoro quietly said.

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