August 20th, 2015

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I live an ordinary life with my family. I work and face every day challenges. However, my mind dances with stories, characters, and magic. My greatest joy comes when others are inspired to pause and wonder if, perhaps, there really is another way to think or believe.

Each day we witness life in all of its drama and chaos, making it difficult to see the magic that is always swirling around us.

My stories have not been written to change your mind, your beliefs, or your perceptions. But if I can distract you from your daily grind and switch your gaze to something that makes you smile, or takes you into a daydream, or helps you to see the fairies dancing in your garden, then I have fulfilled the desire of my heart.

The birthplace of this book was Sedona, Arizona. Is it fact or fiction? Sometimes I am not even sure myself.

“Wisdom held with an iron grip within our minds is like water held stagnant in a pond. It is forgotten, putrefies, and is lost forever. Wisdom that is allowed to flow across our lips is like water that rushes downhill eagerly greeting humanity. It is held within our hearts, nestled safely forever within our souls.”

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My book 24 Hours in an Enchanted Valley is now available at Amazon. If you read my book and like it please write a review on Amazon right below the price of the book.

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I am in the process of writing a series of short stories called What Do You See? As you gaze at the book cover you will see a picture. Whisper will then tell you a deeper and more meaningful way to look at what you see. She will share her stories, her adventures, her channeled insights and her love for humanity.

Please share your insights and comments with Whisper by posting a comment below. Have a great life.

Let’s Change the World!!!!!!


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