Augtoro Teaches Whisper

“We have much to discuss today” said Augtoro. She was one of Whisper’s guides and protector. “Are you ready?” Whisper laughed. She was always ready. She couldn’t learn or process…

new pathways

Thanks for sharing. That was beautifully said. Let’s change the world.

Olympians of the Universe

As Whisper sat quietly enjoying the sun creeping up over the hill, Tree’s energy swirled around her. Tree was a fluorite crystal skull Whisper had acquired a year ago. Tree…

Whisper’s Movie

It was a rainy morning, Whispers favorite weather. She held her coffee, warming her hands as she watched the raindrops slide gently down the window. A squirrel ran up and…

Whisper Packs a New Suitcase

Whisper was no longer the person she used to be. She no longer felt afraid, shy, resentful, angry or alone. She shed the feelings that no longer served her. Every…

Whisper Changes Her Beliefs

For many seasons Whisper had walked the earth. Her path took her to the sea many times, where life’s waves built, gaining mighty power until it crashed back on the earth, leaving her bruised and shattered.

Sometimes she became stranded in the desert, frustrated, exhausted and alone. Much of her life she had walked amongst the depressed, sick and dying, dragging one foot in front of the other, alone and afraid.

Most of her life, she was forced to live in the cities where the massive energies of the millions blew like a mighty wind, pushing, pulling and throwing her against the structures of concrete and shattered glass, although her heart always longed for the forests. Her heart tugged, calling her back to nature, her natural home.

Whisper Fights Her Fears

As Whisper grew her self-image began to grow. The world tore her down but the Masters helped her remember who she REALLY was and it always shocked her. How could she have been a Divine Goddess before she came to Earth? It took many years for Whisper to begin to believe in her memories.

Whisper Creates An Illusional World

Whisper had walked planet Earth since the beginning of its creation. In and out of lifetimes she wove her magic tapestry. She had always existed and she knew it.

August 20th, 2015

I live an ordinary life with my family. I work and face every day challenges. However, my mind dances with stories, characters, and magic. My greatest joy comes when others are inspired to pause and wonder if, perhaps, there really is another way to think or believe.

Each day we witness life in all of its drama and chaos, making it difficult to see the magic that is always swirling around us.