Change Is Vital

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Whisper was excited about all the changes she observed going on in the world. To many, it seemed as if everything was labeled negative. Drama surrounded her everywhere she went. She hated it. She had seen the new world several years ago and it was hard now to step back and forth from the new to the old and back again.

The new world was changing. Most humans did not believe it was changing for the good but Whisper knew it was all good. A soup needs to boil, simmer, merge its ingredients then rest in order for it to become a marvelous tasting soup. Life and drama are much the same. We have to notice something, really look at it, and then choose whether we want to hold onto it or allow it to leave our reality. Change occurs when we do our inner work. When everything is positive we remain stagnant and growth does not occur. Only challenges could create growth. Whisper was excited about the drama stewing and boiling throughout the world. She could see that everything that no longer worked in integrity was coming to the forefront revealing its dirty secrets. Whisper had asked her council why everything had to crash around her all at once. “Humans need to feel completely overwhelmed with challenges in order to get to the point they will summon up the courage to stand up and yell ENOUGH.” Then we listen thought Whisper. Finances seem to be bottoming out. Health issues arise that cannot be diagnosed or healed. Relationships are falling apart. Struggle, frustration, anger and anxiety creep around us until they strangle us, unless we have the courage to step forward and begin saying “No” to bureaucracy, bad relationships, drugs that kill and the political system.

Whisper had watched the drama. She had searched her many layers of karmic restructuring, had released what no longer brought her joy and daily checked in with the new decade to see what was appearing in her reality that was what many called the impossible.

She loved change. She had a hard time trying to figure out why everyone was so afraid of it. Change happened daily, moment to moment. Why couldn’t the others see that change is what we live with and yet so afraid of?

Change is what brings our miracles, our new homes, relationships, jobs, children, joy and harmony. Without change we would all live in a very dark hole with no way out Whisper thought. You cannot climb a ladder unless you move your feet up the steps. Change! Embrace it, love it, encourage it in your lives. Whisper had discovered that miracle many years back.

Face today’s drama and celebrate it. It is the change that will take us into the new decade where love, harmony, integrity, joy, healthy and abundance lies. Whisper knew the key to the new decade was to let go of all old beliefs, relationships and ways of doing things. Everything works differently in the new world. Nothing works like it used to. If you are not in total integrity and unconditional love and if you have not released all the old beliefs, cellular memory and pain from the past, you are not allowed into the new world. This is not a judgment simply a reality. The new world vibrates at a very high frequency. You must match your frequency to that of the new world in order to live there. If you walk into a room with all the people vibrating at a very low frequency and you vibrate at a higher one or vice versa, you are not comfortable. You cannot be yourself. Joy cannot attach itself to you.

Welcome the change. Do your inner work. Step up to the door and walk into the new decade with hope, excitement and eager to live in a world you have only dreamed of but next erthought was possible. The world is crumbling in order to create a new one. The one we have prayed for.  You can do this. Yes you! You would have left the planet by now if you were not capable of leaping. You chose to be here at this time. Step up to your purpose and let’s change the world.




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