Day Two – August 16, 2017

Our first night on our adventure we stayed at a KOA RV park in Hot Springs, South Dakota. It was beautiful there and the camp hosts were marvelous. We set up camp and then relaxed enjoying the beautiful view of the magnificent pine trees when a rafter of wild turkeys came strutting by to say hello. There were ten, marching proudly in a straight line. Dad was in front, 8 babies and mother brought up the rear. As always when I feel like I need a hug from God it began to rain. Confirmation that the message I had downloaded to head for South Dakota during the August 21 2017 equinox was right on the mark. I know I am headed for huge changes in the next few days. That is and has always been my life. When I receive a message from the etheric beings I say yes and eagerly begin preparing for a new adventure. Life can be so exciting when you just say yes.
We had four hawks that arrived in our back yard a couple of weeks before we left on this adventure. They loved to sit on our fence and watch us as we tended the garden or just sat and enjoyed the gorgeous sunsets Colorado so graciously shares with us. I had received the message that they would travel with us and sure enough as I sat enjoying my coffee and meditating who showed up but four beautiful hawks soaring in an infinity sign path. The raven that follows me whenever I am on the road appeared and sat and watched me from the tree across the road. I always feel safe when he appears.
Learning about RV living is fascinating but can be frustrating in the beginning. My favorite thing in the morning is enjoying a cup of coffee and meditating for a couple of hours. This morning I tried to place my cup under my new one cup Keurig only to discover it was too tall. Now what!!!! Then my brilliant son called and suggested I remove the drain tray and guess what? It fits perfectly. I love it when synchronicity appears. Thanks Dave.
Nestled in my chair I began to write. I noticed the many different types of campers that surrounded us. There were several huge motorhomes that probably cost more than our home. I wondered what would happen if a car hit them. It would be devastating. There was a woman parked across from us that was camping in her car without hookups of any kind. She said she was traveling looking for a new place to live. Every day she would make several trips to the water faucet carrying gallon jugs back to camp and for three days she washed her clothes and hung them up to dry. A young couple pulled up in their car, pitched their tent, and used bottled water to brush their teeth standing at the back of their car.
An older man pulled up on his motorcycle, got off, threw a tarp over his bike and attached it to the picnic table. That is where he planned to sleep. He sat, alone, drinking coffee from a plastic cup and talked on his cell phone.
What struck me was some people lived in luxury and some as minimalistic as you could get. The ones in luxury you rarely saw. They hid in their RVs enjoying their air-conditioning and probably their TVs. Did they see the hawks, or the wild turkeys or the young boy walking his dog? Did they feel the breeze on their faces or smell the fresh scent of the rain that began to fall? I doubt it. The woman in her car stood out in the rain with her arms outstretched, enjoying the rain on her face. The old man sat quietly as the turkeys quietly walked past. The young boy kicked at the rocks as his dog kissed his leg. The young couple stood at the edge of the camp site and looked out at the hundreds of pine trees as they held each other tightly. When did we choose to hand over our peace and joy to a world of stress, business and noise?
Many believe it was taken from us. That isn’t the case. We choose our realities by our thoughts, words and actions. We choose to believe what we are taught to believe. Are they really our beliefs or did we take them upon ourselves in order to please others. Will we choose to walk into our new era of love with heads held high or will we choose to hold ourselves tight with fear and old belief systems that no longer work. Do you choose to design your new reality with imagination and excitement? Now is the time to paint a new canvas. Design what you desire to feel, experience and who do you want with you in your new world. For me, I have painted my canvas and I have stepped into my new reality. That is where you find the miracles you long for. Namaste

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  1. So happy for you, Sis. You sound like your really enjoying your new adventure. I really enjoyed reading your blog. Keep it up!

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