Divine Goddess and God Chakras of the New World

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Chakras are more than energy vortexes. They are sacred seals that lie over and govern each chakra. Male and feminine energy lies with in each chakra. Living within us is the power, healing and wisdom of your Divine Creator.

 The male and female within the chakras each have its own power and purpose. In order for chakras to work (or we call it spin) in the clockwise motion, male and female energies and functions must be in ONENESS. They show us how to live in complete harmony with our female and male energies within our physical world.

Root:  The color is red. It is the Mother of Creation Father of Creation.

                Female: Holds the power of an Inspiration.

                Male: Holds the power of Manifesting.

Sacral: The color is Orange. It is the Divine Mother. Divine Father.

                Female: Holds the power of transforming energy. (Draw this energy from this chakra up and out through the Crown. The stronger you charge this energy as it flows upwards the stronger your power will be.)

                Male: Protects and brings wisdom.

Solar Plexus: The color is yellow. It is the Desire of the Goddess and God.

                Female: Ignites Gods will in harmony with your own.

                Male: Brings the desire of the Goddess into form.

Heart:  The color is green for healing and pink for self-love, gold for divine love. The Queen and King

                Female: Creates joy and the feeling of expecting only the good. The Goddess is now in her power.

                Male: The king has provided a supportive, safe and abundant space for her work.

Throat: The color is Blue. The Priestess and the Priest.

                Female: Fearless determination.

                Male: Speaking only truth.

Third Eye: The color. The color is all colors. The evolving soul. The Maiden and the Knight.

                Female: Purity of mind, body and spirit.

                Male: Living in total honor.

Crown: The color is purple. The Empress and the Emperor.

                Female: She just knows truth. She governs with love and joy.    

                Male: Knows the truth and governs in love and joy.


The Root Chakra is the life force center. The life force is the energy that flows from God and Goddess and then flows throughout every human, rock, plant and animal. It is what gives everything life. We are the aspects of our Holy Mother and Father. All that is theirs is ours.

                This chakra burns away any old beliefs of limitations from the cells. Energy moves through all the chakras, central nervous systems entering the brain to activate it.

The Sacral Chakra is the transformation center. After doing your inner work this energy will activate returning to you the power of transformation, emotions and the physical form. Hand over all fears, doubts and pain to the Divine Mother to transform through the power of love. New life force energies are then delivered through the pathways of each cell transforming darkness into light.

The Solar Plexus Chakra is the generating center. The Goddess within sets a desire here. As the desire begins to burn it ignites the will of God and in harmony the desire manifests quickly. Since the role of the male force energy protects and serves the divine feminine aspect, he honors her and brings her desire into form.

The Heart Chakra is the Queendom Center. A queen wears her divine robe by stepping into her power. Regaining it from all the areas where she has given it away. As Queen she enjoys life without lack, doubt, fear or worry. You EXPECT all your needs will be met in a great and timely manner. A queen lives in the moment, not in the past where doubts and fears arise or in the future where expectations lie. The past is complete, and you have not written the blueprint yet for your future.

As the lower seals are activated you regain balance and live in joy and harmony. The male energy creates his domain through the love and passion he feels for his feminine energy. His main desire is to live in the feminine kingdom of creation. He does everything he can to bring her desires into form. He does what he needs to do. He serves but is not dominated by the feminine Goddess.

Within the second seal, the Solar Plexus transforms the emotions and painful issues, he provides the protection and care for the Goddess.  Male energy gives wisdom when needed to the feminine Goddess energy giving her the space to do her work. They work in tandem as ONE not one controlling or manipulating the other. They are in harmony. They are balanced. He honors the Goddess her feelings, intuitive counsel and her physical needs. He provides the space for her to reign in joy and harmony.

The throat chakra is the seal of deliverance. All things are possible, and both the Goddess and God know it. As this chakra is activated everything is delivered to them by a powerful request. Because the lower four chakras are now activated and balanced all the feminine desires are delivered. The Goddess has now transformed all limiting beliefs and released them. The male aspect completes what is needed an now provides the passion to manifest the desire. He has protected her kingdom and herself and guided her when needed. He created a domain for her to experience the joy of guiding and ruling her kingdom. He spoke the truth and was guided in his counsel to the Goddess.

The third eye is the honor returns center. The knight has completed his task by living a code of honor. He knows what constitutes honor and acts accordingly. The knight rules by listening and following correct action at all times. He is the lawmaker and governs always with love and joy. As the knight within you grows the Goddess within you begins to conquer her kingdom. After activating the sixth seal you begin to live in your mastership once again. The Goddess no longer lives in forgetfulness that lives within the third dimension, or the old world you have lived in recently. You now see clearly all that is given to you and you KNOW not just believe or think. Tremendous reflection, understanding and releasing must be undertaken before mastership occurs. You now are able to observe without feeling the pain of others when working with them.

The crown is the knowing the truth center. You have regained your Goddess role. You know you are Divine, and you live in a truth of no limitation. You and the noble mind of God are in complete harmony as you are now ONE. You experience nobility and equality between your male and female aspects of God within. Gender is no longer experienced. You have merged you male and female aspects completely. You know you are entitled to live in abundance of Gods realms. This does not mean you are entitled in the physical world to be self-serving, dependent or controlling of others. A master always works within the boundaries of win-win and complete harmony with all life forms. Your male and female energies now unite in one focus, one desire, one intention and one manifestation. You are now divine truth, intelligence and love. Judgement in any form has become archaic.

As you reflect on these concepts you will begin to understand that all purposes and duties of the Goddess Chakras are also the same in your daily physical life. As you consciously work on all three seals physically you will be working on all seals of the Divine chakras. Change your physical life and you change your spiritual life and you move into the higher dimensions. You can not have your physical chakras out of alignment or spinning counterclockwise and step into your new world. Do your inner work and join us in the New World of love, harmony, bliss and non judgement.

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