Expectations Don’t Always Make Us Happy

Have you ever wondered why you end up someplace other than where you intended?

We made reservations at Legend Lake located within the Custer State Park in South Dakota. We packed up our rig and headed out. The day was beautiful. The sun shone brightly while a gentle breeze moved the grasses quietly back and forth. Tim was smiling from ear to ear which in turn made me smile. We arrived quickly and without incident. As we drove through the forest my spirit soared as it always does in the mountains. The air was fresh and Tim’s hawk followed us diving in and out of the trees, stopping occasionally to sit on a fence post to wait for us to pass by. I smiled as he saw us and flew on ahead.

We passed six other campgrounds before arriving at our chosen one. They were all beautiful and beckoned us in. Tim parked “Finally” expertly and we climbed out and headed for the camp hosts office. No one answered as we rang the bell. A young man, blond hair, blue eyes, shorts and tennis shoes yelled “No one is there.” He explained that him and his wife and son did not have reservations but they were hoping for a spot. We finally discovered a phone number we could call. Our spot was not what we expected. It was not a regular spot but one on the side of the drive with only electricity. Odd I thought. The young man finished his call and told us there were no spaces available.

As they began to drive away I looked at Tim and knew he was thinking the same as I. I waved the young man down and invited them to stay in our site as there was plenty of room.  It was late in the day and everyone was tired. He graciously agreed. I stopped quickly and asked for the Most Benevolent Outcome that the camp host would not kick them out or even notice them.

The young couple quickly began preparing for the night. We began setting up and the young man knocked on our door. “We are going to the store. Is there anything we can pick up for you?” How sweet I thought. They drove out of the park and we went for a short walk. On the way back we saw the camp host parked at our site. I once again asked for the MBO and greeted the hosts. The husband began telling us how his grandparents had come from Poland. His mother was born here in the U.S. They had began camping in the park 35 years prior and seven years ago they began volunteering as camp hosts during the summer. We talked for several minutes,  showed the couple the inside of our rig. They noticed the teardrop and asked how we towed it. I didn’t lie as I never choose that path. We just explained that our friends had come to visit. The hosts asked not a single question and drove away.

We spent the evening visiting with our new friends who were from Canada and playing with their delightful little 18 month old son. I quickly fell in love with that darling little family. Daddy loved to chase Ezra around and play ball with him. Ezra loved to smile and high five you any time you told him “Good job.”

The next morning we packed up and sadly told our new friends goodbye. They invited us to come stay with them if we ever went to Canada and we promised we would. They encouraged us to take Hwy 17 which goes all the way East and West. We hugged each other and I climbed into my seat as a tear slid down my cheek.

Why didn’t we get a regular space as expected? Because they were too small. The space we had was perfect. Without a change in plans we would never had the opportunity to make these marvelous new friends. We wouldn’t have experienced Ezra and his special smile and high fives. Even more importantly, we would have missed the chance to help someone. We wouldn’t have been able to make the choice do we or don’t we? I always say yes when I can help others and so does Tim. What would have happened to that little family that night. It was just before the Eclipse and everything was booked. Would they have had to sleep on the side of the road. I don’t know. I just know that I experienced once again a miracle and I thanked the Universe as we climbed into bed that night.



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  1. Thank you SHARON for sharing your beautiful adventure…It enlightens the soul knowing that our Destiny can be alter with great out comes when we share our love with others..much love and blessings for all your journeys…

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