New Numerology for the 2020 Pandemic

New Numerology for the 2020 Pandemic

The energies have changed. The frequencies are higher. The world will never be the same. Tools are changing their form and functions. This is a whole new world. Step out of the box, let go of old beliefs, and march to a new drummer. Create a new world by stepping back into your Divine Power. Let’s change the world. In order to figure out what your personal year is take your month and day of your birthday and add its numbers to the current year. E.g. 1+2+2020 (Jan. 2 2020) Add the numbers together 7. If your number adds up to two numerals add them together to its lowest number. #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 #9 #1 If you are in a 1 personal year, you might be seeking the correct job that matches your strengths and gifts. This is a time of remembering who you really…

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Divine Goddess and God Chakras of the New World

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Hold Your Truth

Truth is Not a Special Set of Written Codes

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Physical body and How to Heal It

The Physical Body and How to Heal It

The new era that our world is changing into is exactly that. Money, disease, bad relationships, fear, worry, struggle etc. do not exist there. That should bring such joy to…

Change Is Vital

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2020 is the year of stepping into the new world

2020 is the year of stepping into the new world. Massive changes are arriving affecting every human on the planet. Say yes to every opportunity, dropping all fear and just leaping is the answer.

Thanksgiving Day

This Thanksgiving brought trepidation, aha , police arrival, five star meal and sharing our meal with strangers and pure gratitude.

Love Brings Joy – Fear Brings Negativity

Absolutely everything in our world that brings us stress, disease, lack, unhappiness is brought on by just one thing. FEAR! We have been brainwashed into Fear.