Love Brings Joy – Fear Brings Negativity

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Tashara Speaks – 11-2019

The other day I heard a conversation about Congress and how we need to get fresh blood and more honest politicians. The consensus was that it would never happen. My soul had been prompting me that Congress and the whole political system would make great changes within a couple of years.

How could we make changes in Congress when the very safeguards that were made by our ancestors to protect our American rights had been taken away from us by rigging elections. We lost our power to vote and for our votes to count with that one move by “The Club”.  That is what I call the ones who have taken control of the world and are hidden from our sight.

I KNOW it can happen if my soul tells me it will. But, how? A giggle tickled my ears. “What if Congress and “The Club” had a pill, a vaccine or a tincture they took once a month that kept Cancer from entering their bodies? Or what if the lettuce we ate was sprayed with disease and Congress ate lettuce that was protected? What if humanity was not offered the same protections but was given Cancer, disease etc. by a planned manipulation? And what if one human made a mistake and gave “The Club” the wrong shot, the wrong pill or the wrong lettuce? What if humanity was given the protection just once? “The Club” could disappear almost instantaneously.

What a concept. Soul made it clear that it could happen very differently but that it could happen and that easily. It would only take one person.  My perception shifted instantly.

Bureaucracy, politicians, religious leaders and the media have been very successful in planting seeds in our minds telling us we have no power, we are sinners, we are not successful beings, we are puppets that must bend to their will. Big Pharma has convinced us that disease comes from viruses and that only they can heal us with their drugs that has more deadly side effects than they cure.

In fact, the only thing that causes disease is an emotion called FEAR.

Fear creates stress which reduces our immune system, creating holes in our aura and breaks down our physical bodies. Scientists know this today. Does the media report that? No. They report the lies the Club gives them and we believe them.

We have been forced into roles that create stress, separation from friends, neighbors and family. We now believe that we must be “doing”, every moment of the day without reprieve and renewal of our souls. We have been given rules for absolutely every part of our lives, holding us prisoners to filling out forms that make no sense at all. We spend our days doing things that keep us from growing, loving, playing and nurturing our loved ones.

“The Club” has been very successful in creating and manipulating our world into a place where we are bound to everything that is not good for our souls. We live in a world of hate, anger, low self-image, lack and disease. While we partake of that world, we no longer have the strength or desire to watch what they are doing, leading us deeper and deeper into their prisons. Hope, love, harmony and compassion have been replaced by stress, fear, anger and hopelessness. They have us right where they want us.

Absolutely everything in our world that brings us stress, disease, lack, unhappiness is brought on by just one thing. FEAR! We have been brainwashed into Fear. It is a fact that Fear and Love can not exist in the same human at the same time. Everything brings fear into our lives now. Love is rarely exhibited in our lives. Even the elections are being manipulated into anger, hate, separation and fear. We no longer love others, we hate, we fight, we judge, we are offended ad we are afraid of the very ones who are our brothers and sisters. It was all in the plan and we bought into it hook line and sinker.

If we can only feel emotions that come from Fear or those that come from Love, the answer to every single problem we face today is by choosing which emotion and its counterparts we want to feel. Fear or Love. Rules, disease, dysfunctional relationships, lack, hopelessness all come from fear.

Drop our fears and guess what. All that is left is Love. Love brings joy, abundance, peace, beauty, fun and oneness. It is that simple. We can change absolutely everything in the world by just dropping all fear and stepping back into our divine natures that are only able to emit love.

We now have so much protection from our spirit beings that we have nothing to fear unless we choose fear. Drop the fear just as you would take off your coat and drop it on the floor. Pick up your armor of love and watch everything that holds us prisoner quickly dissolve out of our reality. Choose!

Image by Lars_Nissen_Photoart from Pixabay

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