New Numerology for the 2020 Pandemic

New Numerology for the 2020 Pandemic

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The energies have changed. The frequencies are higher. The world will never be the same. Tools are changing their form and functions. This is a whole new world. Step out of the box, let go of old beliefs, and march to a new drummer. Create a new world by stepping back into your Divine Power. Let’s change the world.

In order to figure out what your personal year is take your month and day of your birthday and add its numbers to the current year. E.g. 1+2+2020 (Jan. 2 2020) Add the numbers together 7. If your number adds up to two numerals add them together to its lowest number.

If you are in a 1 personal year, you might be seeking the correct job that matches your strengths and gifts. This is a time of remembering who you really are, where you came from and what gifts you brought with you to planet earth. You are growing, your DNA is changing and now is the time to re-awaken to your unique gifts. The deterioration of society in this time of panic not only affects your daily life but also pushes toward the forefront of social change. Flow with it. Do not fear. Think outside of the box. Turn your now closed business into a whole new concept. Be creative in restructuring your idea of your business. Spread words of encouragement, share your stories of how you revamp your business and your life for the better. All is not bad. Form a coalition of like-minded people. Share your ideas and your insights with each other. Nurture and support those around you. Be proud and confident of your new choices, step into your new life with courage and love. Have the courage to let go of controlling your life, your business and your employees. The new world will no longer support those ways of living. Co-operation and working as a team are the new ways of living.  Accept it and grow with it. If you fight it all that you do will collapse and dissolve away. They will not resonate with the new life force energy of Love. Time will prove these words to be true. Bosses and employees become a family. Employees can now share their ideas making the separate parts into a whole.

If you are in a 2-personal year, new opportunities will begin to show their faces. Being focused on one way, one theme, one way of doing things explodes into numerous new ways of thinking and doing. Confusion might set in. Discard it. Face your new world with faith, optimism an excitement. Step out of the box. Dream of new ways to create your business, relationships and ways of living life. New people will begin to appear in your life. Embrace them. Listen to their new ideas and run with them. Do not push them away because they look different or think differently than you. Old ideas will never work again. Be grateful for these new insights and enhance them with your passion and creativity. Growing limitations in your area may make moving or travel a pull at your heartstrings. Listen to your heart, your spirit and your soul and follow their guidance. You no longer walk alone on your path if you take their hands.

Social interactions change. Friends and associates change. The way you think will change. Love it, grab onto it and play with it. Release anything or anyone that no longer brings you joy. It is OK. Even if it is close friends or family. Refuse negativity into your life. It does you no good. Only the positive resonates with the New World. Step into it with courage with only the positive as your companions. You will begin to feel more empowered and less dependency on others. You will begin to stand in your truth while at the same time becoming ONE with all. New life path options will come into view. Just say yes. You will not be disappointed. Only “NO”s” in this new time will bring you tears down the road.

If you are in a 3 personal year it will be difficult for you to socialize with those who have caught the vision of empowerment and spiritual growth. If you have been working on raising your frequencies this year will be much easier to travel. However, if you are still walking in selfishness and your ego is still running the show the road traveled will be a hard one. The world has made a drastic change, which way it is going still seems far from sight. Empathy, compassion and nurturing are becoming the new ways of living. Distractions might seem annoying however, you will be grateful for the lessons that arise out of your new caring for others.

It is time to go within and face your pain and the issues you have carried around for many lifetimes. Let them go. It is much easier than you think. As you look at them, they dissolve away. Do not be afraid. They are heavy stones you carry around every day. You no longer need them. Your contract from your etheric home is complete. It is now time to let go of all it impacted on you. Emotions may arise. Allow them to flow. They are your healing friends. Allow them to help you. Music, dance, yoga, tai chi will begin to look attractive to you. Try it. You will change in a dramatic and beautiful way. Helping others has always been a wonderful thing, but as the world dives into this new change, as it faces a pandemic of immense proportions it is imperative that you look into your inner world and let go of all beliefs, emotions, and pain. Look for new people that will bring fun, joy and laughter into your life. You will cherish your choice as it brings new life into your world.

If you are in a 4 personal year you could begin opening your consciousness into a whole new way of thinking and believing. An influx of new knowing that raises your curiosity about a myriad of thoughts. Whether you consciously embrace this new information or if the Universe needs to give you a little push your way of thinking is about to change. This may feel as though the world is falling in around you at times, however, if you look forward, if you choose to find the positive in all things, if you meditate on the issue, asking for answers to the best way to solve your issues the road will be smoother and more magical. It does not matter if you brought the issue upon yourself or another wound this towards you. Do not waste time or energy by labeling and judging. That will only bring you roadblocks. Look at it as a push start towards your new life. A life of fun, adventure, harmony and bliss.

Avoid diving into anger. A better way is having a third party negotiate for you or by stepping back and asking your higher council for the answers. It does no one any good by fighting. The fighting days are over. It is time to learn to step into the other one’s shoes and come from your heart, not your past.

Others might need your help at this time of fear. Look at it as your opportunity to develop your compassionate muscle. Doing for others begrudgingly serves no one, especially yourself. The magic is when you serve with a loving heart and an excited attitude. Lessons involved with serving bring marvelous gifts you may never receive without serving others.

Look for others to walk into your life. They just might be the very one that can teach you how to step out of your box, your prison, your antiquated way of believing. Look for opportunities that could change your whole way of life. Life is the miracle or the prison. Its your choice what you choose to build.

If you are in a 5-personal year, this could be an extremely dramatic time in your life. Life will begin to change in miraculous ways if you are willing to receive it. Delays are a way of the Universe telling you to go within and shift what is needed for your destiny to get back on track. Re-examine and have an open mind when being presented with new strategy options. Jump. Say yes. Be excited. No longer allow fear to enter your mind or heart. Change is the only way we survive and succeed.

Listen to your quiet voice alerting you how to prepare for the upcoming changes to surface. It might be an influential person, a change of jobs, a move to a new location or by facing fears and roadblocks and letting them dissolve away. Go within, sit quietly, listen without doubt to what you are hearing. The world is in chaos now, however, that does not have to affect your life unless you choose to listen to the media and sink into fear. You create your life. A virus that is not even alive can not affect you unless you open yourself up to it and hold onto the belief that you will “get it.”

It is important to let go of the need to control everyone and everything. That is not your job. If you are too busy controlling, you have no time to listen to the magical words that will propel you into a whole new wonderful world. What you are now observing in the world is the tool that is shifting the planet into a new era of love, peace and harmony. Why would we fear what we have prayed for?

Romance during this time could become intense. You might realize the need to leave someone who is toxic to you, or a new love might step into your life un-expectedly. Go with the flow and allow others to do the same.

If you are in a 6 personal year you might begin to feel that you are losing everything. Your beliefs might be challenged, your friends might fall away, you might lose your job or a partner. This is not something to fear. We must release something for something new to appear.

We change every second of the day. However, we still fear change. We are truly the masters of change and new realities. We have done it for centuries. You have the keys. You simply need to begin using them once again. Once you release something the Universe quickly brings you something much better.

When we ask for one of our desires to be met, many times our desires are not fulfilled. We ask “Why?” The simple answer is you did not prepare room for the new. If you purchase a new sofa you first must remove the old one. It is the same when we ask for a new desire. You can not receive a new loving and kind lover if you keep the toxic one in your life. Let go is a wonderful mantra when you are in a 5 or 6 personal year. Go for it.

The blessing of discovering the difference between compulsive attachment and divine abundance will appear this year for you. Let go of unnecessary attachments. Step out of your comfort zone. Lay down your stuffed animal or your workaholic ways so that new miracles can come into your life.

As you allow the creative juices begin to flow you will experience new opportunities, new relationships, new beliefs, new ways of thinking and doing.

Regain your relationship with fairies. They can teach you how to play and have fun. They are masters in laughing and coming from the heart. Release the seriousness of the mind and step back into your heart where the magic awaits you. As you release and step into your new vision of reality you will be able to alter the course in your new life. Inner emotional strength and balance will once again be yours.

If you are in a 7 personal year you empowered at this time. It matters not what the world shows you this is a personal ascension period. Believe not what you see. Believe only what you feel. That is the key to standing in your power and truth. The world shows you what it wants you to see, mostly fear based events to hold you in victimization. Do not go there. Stay in your heart at this critical time.

Slowly you will begin to integrate energies that empower you as a social mover and way shower. Opening yourself up to travel, new people and new opportunities will enhance your life. Knowing rather than believing begins to appear in your consciousness. You now can speak without even knowing that you knew what you spoke of. Your confidence in what you quiet message are telling you begins to grow. Decision making becomes quicker and the decisions you make are now wiser, infused with your new insights. You begin to gain insights quickly and become great Ahhas. Trust this.

Avoid vacillating between mind and emotions Always choose your higher consciousness. Your soul is now awakening since you are now allowing it to surface once again. Your life strategies change completely.  New dreams, passion and abundance are now allowed to come to you as you lay down your old life for a new one.

Joy surfaces, fun returns and playfulness arise. Others notice and want to know how you did it. Tell them, share your journey and help Aleve their fears. New acquaintances cross your path that are like minded and many will be part of your soul family.

If you are in an 8 personal year you find yourself asserting yourself and going after what you desire in your life currently. Do not look at the outside world. This is a time for inner reflection and shifting of beliefs. Transform your old self into the person you have always desired to be. Choose your personal beliefs and release the ones you picked up from others. Change the way you appear to others. Show them your true self, your divine self, you heart centered self. You will begin making amazing new contacts that will give you new direction and opportunities far above what you could imagine.

Drop all old beliefs in every arena of your life. Drop old limitations, self-doubts and all of your past memories. They no longer serve you. They no longer even work. Stay out of your ego and old pain filled personality. Your old blueprints have been completed and torn up. Focus on only the things and people you love. You are balancing your yen-yang. You are moving out of your karmic past into your new higher dimensional playground. You soul begins to laugh. Others notice who you really are, not the masked one you have portrayed. Use the new powerful allies that enter your world and become the way shower you agreed to be at this time.

You will begin to realize that money is not what you were taught it was. Everything you could purchase with money you can now manifest on your own. The way we do business, the way we interact with other, the way bureaucracy worked are now all changing. Corporations, drug companies, insurance companies, banks, the stock market and those who have rule the world from the dark recesses of power will dissolve and leave us. What we believed was true we will discover was controlled manipulation of lies. Relief from stress and daily struggles will begin to ease and change at the speed you change your consciousness and raise your vibrations. All bureaucracy and political arena begin to fade away into the archaic recesses of the past. This is a great time to re-structure how you want to earn a living for your family. Since business have been told to close their doors because of the Corona virus , small business owners are becoming creative and some are even changing what they produce. A wedding cake baker changed her business into a pandemic cake baker and earned more money in the process. Be creative and begin doing what you love rather than what you hate and working for someone you can not get along with. Allow laughter to become a daily event. Take off your serious hat and replace it with a fun and exciting one.

If you are in a 9 personal year you are learning to laugh, dance and play. Dance to a new beat. One of fun and totally difference than the one you have become used to. Become in harmony with your soul as it awakens and becomes a part of your daily life. Complete ideas and projects you have put aside, hidden in a closet that you have padlocked.

This is a constructive time in your life. The virus is helping you create time in order to complete your cosmic bucket list. You are now completing your karmic path and life is becoming a newly sculptured way of adventures. You have done great work little one. You have climbed the mountain and reached the top. Now the party begins. Your new world will evolve as quickly as you allow it to. Let go of all internal conflicts. Do what is in your heart. Stop listening to others, should, needs or have to’s. Technology is going to change drastically. You might want to stay up on the learning curve. Re-define your life beliefs. Pick and keep only the ones that are sincerely yours. This is the year of completion. Recognize the negative patterns you have carried throughout many of your alternate lives.

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