Olympians of the Universe

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olympians of the universe-09-09-15

As Whisper sat quietly enjoying the sun creeping up over the hill, Tree’s energy swirled around her.

Tree was a fluorite crystal skull Whisper had acquired a year ago. Tree represented Oneness when she spoke to Whisper. Her energy was pure and soft. Whisper placed Tree gently in her lap and sat back, eagerly awaiting Tree’s message.

On our planet we do not see animals, and beings. We see energy in various forms. We are not you and me. There is just us. We don’t look at individual forms, we see connected energy in various forms.

You make a big distinction and “thing” about same sex love. Here we are souls not separate humans. Souls have no gender. We are not male or female. We are “I’s”. Genderless.

Whisper asked “Do you have etheric sex?”

Tree laughed. “Yes” he said.”

We make etheric love when it resonates between two. Humans are just plain silly. You get in such a fuss over things that don’t exist anywhere in the Universe except on planet earth.”

Tree continued to explain.

 Where I spend my time a tree and rock could have etheric sex. It is not about the tree or rock (distinguishing and separation). Souls connect and share Divine Love with each other. There is such beauty in that. Such pureness exists when “you”, “me” or “they” is taken out of the equation. You are soul not human form. Form is simply a house you live in for this period of time. Soul has no ownership, it simply exists in its perfect unity. You can only be perfect because there is only soul. Your form on earth believes it is imperfect and separate but that is an illusion.

The reality is you are soul energy – wrong or right, perfect or imperfect, male or female, cannot exist. You imagined it, then created your illusion so you could experience adventures that can only exist on earth. That is why you created duality and separation. It is a playground of fantasy. Most of what you fight about is not real, it is an adventure you imagine and then create to look as real. It is your illusion, much like Disney World.

You are soul, you are perfection, and you are genderless wearing a coat of female or male. Your coat does not make you who you are, it is just an appearance. So how can there be “same sex” or “different gender sex” when you are truly genderless.

Play in your illusion as long as your heart desires, however, the tides are changing and the shift is here. You are now merging your home planet with your illusional planet.

 Only love and what it encompasses can go with you into the New Era. Old beliefs and ways of doing things must be left at the door. Only Divine Energy can cross the threshold.

 Continue to play in your third dimensional world, but when you are tired, when you have had enough of the illusion, then lay down your play toys and enter the new world. You now have access to a first: a world of divine home energy and also what your divine heart desires.  That has never been accomplished on a planet before. You were the valiant pioneers. We bow to you and your greatness.

You are the Olympians of the Universe. We wait for you to cross the finish line and walk into the celebration. Are you ready?

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  1. Continue giving us more thoughts.
    As we celebrate our oneness let’s enjoy the Divine Energy and be of the Universe.

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