2020 is the year of stepping into the new world

2020 is the year of stepping into the new world. Massive changes are arriving affecting every human on the planet. Say yes to every opportunity, dropping all fear and just leaping is the answer.

Love Brings Joy – Fear Brings Negativity

Absolutely everything in our world that brings us stress, disease, lack, unhappiness is brought on by just one thing. FEAR! We have been brainwashed into Fear.

Akashic Magic

We are now moving into a new radiation. One that Is intersecting with the Sun. This new energy has the ability to not only talk to your DNA but also…


Since that day in the cemetery, Augtoro had been with Whisper. She could feel her presence when she was sad or happy. They were great friends.

Alternate Lives – Part Two

Channeled by Pegue through Whisper Pegue: “Whisper, imagine each aspect as a real person just like you. What if each one had a different purpose, a different personality and was…


Augtoro spoke quietly as the flames flared into magical portraits. “Your life is new, so try new things. Let go of old ways and all the “shoulds.”

Alternate Lives – Part 1

Channeled by Pegue through Whisper As Whisper and Carroll explored the Enchanted Valley they came upon a Heart Wheel and they began to follow its path. As they came upon…


The squirrel nodded and almost smiled at her. She felt the urge to kneel down and pet him. He’ll run away if I do. A message raced across her mind. “No, I…

Who I am Manifesting in my Life

A message I sent to one of my clients in answer to one of his questions. Good Morning. In regards to Names: Like I said names are not important to…


The cabin was small, which was what she wanted. She was tired of cleaning, cooking, and taking care of others, and yet, who would she take care of now? Augtoro,…