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Hold Your Truth

Truth is Not a Special Set of Written Codes

Truth is a frequency that we as individuals resonate with. Truth vibrates at a high frequency. Your truth is the belief system in the world that you resonate with. That is why your truth is different than another’s. Everyone’s truth is the only truth for them at the time. That is the reason our beliefs change. As our frequency changes our truth changes as we can then accept new insights and beliefs. Yes, the basic beliefs are normally the same for all. Anything that resonates at a high frequency is truth. Beliefs that are manmade under the guise of spiritual truths can never resonate at a high enough level to be labeled as truths in the Divine world. There will never be one truth. As humanity shifts truths raise their vibrational frequency and become a new truth. The bottom line though is anything based in pure unconditional love is Divine... Read more →

Physical body and How to Heal It

The Physical Body and How to Heal It

The new era that our world is changing into is exactly that. Money, disease, bad relationships, fear, worry, struggle etc. do not exist there. That should bring such joy to you, and yet, most of you feel fear rising up and choking the life out of you. We have become so afraid of change and yet change is the very reason we came to Earth. There were many things we were not able to experience on the other side because we did not have bodies, or free agency, or duality. We stood in line, as excited as children the night before Christmas, praying we would be allowed to come to Earth and yet we spend most of our days on Earth just wanting to return home. Most of us, never really enjoy the experience. One of the greatest gifts we received was our bodies. A gift is something we were... Read more →