Physical body and How to Heal It

The Physical Body and How to Heal It

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The new era that our world is changing into is exactly that. Money, disease, bad relationships, fear, worry, struggle etc. do not exist there. That should bring such joy to you, and yet, most of you feel fear rising up and choking the life out of you. We have become so afraid of change and yet change is the very reason we came to Earth. There were many things we were not able to experience on the other side because we did not have bodies, or free agency, or duality.

We stood in line, as excited as children the night before Christmas, praying we would be allowed to come to Earth and yet we spend most of our days on Earth just wanting to return home. Most of us, never really enjoy the experience.

One of the greatest gifts we received was our bodies. A gift is something we were supposed to love and enjoy. We look in the mirror and hate most of what we see. When we get sick we rush to the doctor and take pills to eliminate the experience. We came to Earth in order to experience what a body would feel like, what illness would be like, what it would feel like for a baby to touch our face, a lover to hold our hand, a parent to rub our backs, the wind on our face, the cold and the warmth of the sun. How often do you truly experience those events? We are usually thinking about the next moment, what we need to be doing, what we didn’t do, what others around us are doing and how we should respond. The very things we came to earth to enjoy we ignore.

There is a great deal that we can experience with a body that we can’t as a spirit. Touch is one of them. Can you imagine what it was like before you came to Earth and could not feel the touch of another human being? Can you imagine going throughout eternity never feeling a baby wraps its little hand around your finger, or feel a tear run down your face, or experience love making, or running, or swimming, or painting or lying in the sun? One of my favorite experiences is when my little granddaughter takes my hand as we walk through a parking lot. I love the feel of the warmth and love that wraps its fingers around my hand. I always share with her how great that feels and then I get to watch her look up at me with that beautiful smile of hers and tell me how she loves it too.

We have been brainwashed into thinking that the Sun is our enemy so we rarely enjoy the feel of the sun on our face. When we begin to feel an illness come upon us we hate it, we resist it, we take pills to cover up the experience, we do everything we can in order to push it away. But, what if that is one of the things we came to experience. What if we wanted to feel pain rise up within us and then to allow it to leave without resistance? What if the resistance is why we hold the illness within us, what if without the resistance we would experience something totally different? What if once we allowed the experience without resistance we would never get sick again? What if a cold was us giving ourselves permission to simply rest so that we would take the time to listen to our spirit teach and guide us?



Image by Okan Caliskan from Pixabay

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