Truth is Not a Special Set of Written Codes

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Truth is a frequency that we as individuals resonate with. Truth vibrates at a high frequency. Your truth is the belief system in the world that you resonate with. That is why your truth is different than another’s. Everyone’s truth is the only truth for them at the time. That is the reason our beliefs change. As our frequency changes our truth changes as we can then accept new insights and beliefs.

Yes, the basic beliefs are normally the same for all. Anything that resonates at a high frequency is truth. Beliefs that are manmade under the guise of spiritual truths can never resonate at a high enough level to be labeled as truths in the Divine world.

There will never be one truth. As humanity shifts truths raise their vibrational frequency and become a new truth. The bottom line though is anything based in pure unconditional love is Divine truth. Many religions state their truth as the only truth. That goes beyond Universal law. Truth is a high frequency vibration that must include unconditional love for all beings and elementals, excluding not a single person, place or thing. Your truth may look or feel different than mine. It may be a different color or sound. Truth is always filled with love, harmony and joy. Anything else is not truth but a belief we have formed to fit our viewpoint. As we grow our belief systems change thus changing our truth.

Now is the time to allow others their beliefs and truths. No one is required by God to believe as we do. That is the very reason we have wars, anger and hate. It does not affect you if you do not allow their differences to enter your soul and result in anger growing within you.

Allow others their journey, their time frame in growing in consciousness. God oversees watching over them and sending them the help they need. You are not responsible for their journey. Pay attention to your journey and leave others alone. When love is all that is left within us none of this is important.


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