We Wrote Our Story

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Whisper stood in her favorite spot. She loved watching her old friends coming home from Planet Earth. She loved watching them excitedly returning from their last adventure. They always seemed so happy. She had asked before to go and experience that life on Earth but had always been told she wasn’t ready. How could she not be ready for all that fun she wondered? She raised her head and squared her shoulders. She was going to Source and demand to be allowed to begin her new journey. This time she vowed she would not take NO for an answer.
Source smiled as Whisper entered. She was ready to lay out her demands when Source said, “I am glad you are here Whisper. I had just sent for you.” Whisper stopped in her tracks. What had she done she wondered. Why would Source send for her? To her amazement she heard the words “It is time. Go get ready.”
Whisper could hardly contain herself. She had so much to do. She called her Soul Group together and they sat down excited for one of their favorite family members. Whisper had thought long and hard about what she wanted her first journey to Earth to be like. She explained her plan and they began choosing the geography, her body type, and her family members that would be needed in order to accomplish her plan.
She thought that the ones who returned and seemed the most excited were the ones who had chosen disabilities as their purpose. She thought a wheel chair would be interesting. She knew she would have to have a very strong Mother and Father in order to grow from this adventure. She wanted a mother who would take good care of her. But she also wanted betrayal to be part of her journey so she would need a Father who would leave her behind because she was crippled.
One of her best friends quickly raised his hands and volunteered to be her father on Earth. He was worried but brave. He told Whisper that he would lower his vibration so low that he would walk away from her when she needed him the most. He promised her that she would never see his heart ache as he moved out of her life. He then took her hand and placed it on her heart and made her promise to never forget how much he loved her. She quickly promised. He looked in her eyes and said, “You say that now, but you don’t have the veil of forgetfulness on. You have to promise me that you will remember. If you forget we will become enemies. I could not stand that. “Whisper hugged her best friend tightly as she kept saying “I will remember, I will remember, I will remember.”
It was time for Whisper to leave. She had picked her friends on Earth, her peers, her teachers, her enemies. She had planned very carefully her warning signs. A falling book, words in a song, a word from a stranger, a smile from a clerk. She had them all planned and her Higher Self had promised to place them on her path at the exact time she would need them most.
Her heart was beating loudly. Her Counselor came to tell her Goodbye. He placed his hand on her heart. “You are a brave spirit Whisper. You know that we only can send the bravest souls to Earth. Earth life is the hardest adventure you can pick in the Universe. Listen to your heart and we will guide you through this perilous journey. If you forget to listen you become lost and we will not be able to help you. Remember, the only time we can help is when you ask. Be brave Little One, have fun and always look towards the light.  We will see you back here soon. “
Whisper took a deep breath and she jumped.

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    1. Thank you for your sweet comments. Whispers Path stories are real and can give you great insights how to travel this new world full of conflict, hiccups, and miracles. Thank you for joining our family. Let’s change the world. Please share any posts with your friends and family. We are always here for you. Hugs Sharon

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