Whisper Changes Her Beliefs

For many seasons Whisper had walked the earth. Her path took her to the sea many times, where life’s waves built, gaining mighty power until it crashed back on the earth, leaving her bruised and shattered.

Sometimes she became stranded in the desert, frustrated, exhausted and alone. Much of her life she had walked amongst the depressed, sick and dying, dragging one foot in front of the other, alone and afraid.

Most of her life, she was forced to live in the cities where the massive energies of the millions blew like a mighty wind, pushing, pulling and throwing her against the structures of concrete and shattered glass, although her heart always longed for the forests. Her heart tugged, calling her back to nature, her natural home.

Many nights Whisper yearned to return to her home planet. When she awoke, however her roots remained firmly planted deep in the earth.

Whispers soul cried as she watched humanity torture, abuse, betray and steal from others. She knew they were re-acting out of fear and despair. She watched as they remained engrossed in personal agendas and past pain holding them prisoners in a land of sorrow and lack. Those who walked the earth no longer cared how their actions affected others. It had become a world of me-itis. The world had turned upside down, nothing made sense anymore.

Many attacked others without research or even caring if it was true or false. A lion is killed with a bullet on a paid safari and it goes global immediately. Everyone pounces to the cause, while a woman is tortured, raped and bludgeoned to death with a hammer and no one notices or cares. When did one life become more important than another? All life, animal or human should be respected and loved.

Bureaucracy has woven itself masterfully into every portion of our lives, keeping us hypnotized and distracted by disease, lack and horror, so we no longer notice what is happening behind the scenes, stealing more and more from our lives. Status quo has become our by-word Whisper thought.

If only, Whisper sighed, humanity would begin to look beyond themselves and begin to choose what is best for the whole.

What if they dug a little before voting for those who always said the same thing, handing the world the same thing over and over again. What was the saying she questioned, “What is insanity. Doing the same thing over and over and expecting something different.” Whisper wasn’t sure if that was the way the saying went, but it was close enough.

What if this time we stepped outside the box, went a different way, chose different ideas and broadened our perspectives, choosing thoughts that would encircle humanity with loving arms, changing the scene of the play and sending us into a whole new world.

What if abuse of any kind, either from individuals, groups, or even the government was no longer tolerated. What if we chose life rather than staying apathetic to that which we believed did not affect us?

Whisper knew humanity had become individualized to the point that they forgot how to come from their hearts. What if we chose to get out of our heads and back into our hearts?

Whisper had spent many years, digging within, discovering what she believed, what pushed her buttons and who she really wanted to be. She loved that adventure. She had spent a great deal of time looking at every belief, asking herself if it was truly her belief or one that had been given to her by parents, teachers and peers. She was amazed to discover that very few beliefs she called her own came anywhere close to what she truly believed. She began throwing them out, choosing new ways of thinking.

At first she changed her beliefs but soon discovered she was simply creating new prisons with thick walls. She soon decided beliefs were what built the walls. What if she no longer believed in anything? Where would that take her she wondered?

As each belief slipped away she became freer and began to soar. When life seemed to become stuck she learned that she had created a new belief. How can you not believe in anything her students asked? She wasn’t sure how to explain it, she just KNEW things now, no longer believing in things. That was where her freedom came.

She soon learned that if she held onto something today it changed tomorrow. New puzzle pieces arrived shifting the picture. Whisper loved this. It kept her alert, soaring into the galaxy of new ideas.


One thought on “Whisper Changes Her Beliefs

  1. I played with jigsaw puzzles for years. Finding that only the ones with a 1,000 pieces or more were challenging. When I realized that I had created my life like a 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzle I was no longer addicted to doing puzzles. In letting go — I was able to see the whole picture and simplify my life. Yes — pieces still show up but it is not critical or urgent to know where it fits. Choosing to keep or discard the puzzle piece has given me freedom.

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