Whisper Creates An Illusional World

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Whisper had walked planet Earth since the beginning of its creation. In and out of lifetimes she wove her magic tapestry. She had always existed and she knew it.

She remembered her universal home on planet Uros. Her name was Tashara then. Uros existed in the 17th dimension. She loved it there. She loved riding her unicorn in all his power and glory. She loved the beauty and peace that enveloped her home. Her friends were her soul family and she would miss them when she set out on her new adventure to Planet Earth.

On planet Earth Whisper was now beginning to remember being a Divine Goddess. Her strength was growing and she often smiled at the illusional world she had created on this new planet.  She was a master creator, and began to believe her own illusions. She walked in a world of her own creation, a world of abandonment, betrayal, pain, responsibility, guilt and sorrow.

She had been a warrior in searching for spirit truth, arising before the sun, coffee cup in hand.

Insights began to run thru her as those from the spirit realm eagerly arrived, teaching, guiding and comforting her. As each earth year passed Whispers insights into the higher dimensions increased. Etheric masters became her best friends. She loved each one as they came and eventually moved on to others who needed them.  There had been many, each nestling with in her heart, teaching and loving her. Her life had been filled with grief, pain, rape, loss and yet Whisper had never been a victim. As soon as a sword pierced her heart, throwing her off balance within her dualistic and separate world, she went within and searched for the puzzle piece, the message her soul was sending to her.

Whisper understood that good and evil were labels man had assigned to all emotions.

Whisper laughed when she thought about it. Humans had masterfully created an illusional reality in order to experience duality, polarity, and separation. They walked within this illusion powerfully and now believed in it so completely they held on with white knuckles and fear.

Whisper knew the illusional reality was coming to an end. It was now a NEW World, a NEW era and she was grateful her guides had shown her how to navigate the new pathways.

Join Whisper on her adventures and learn how to easily move from an era of pain, lack and sorrow into a life of fun, peace, joy and abundance.


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