Whisper Fights Her Fears

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For reasons Whisper never understood her mother was never emotionally available to her. It seemed as though she hated her. Whisper never knew why. Her mother was adept at making her understand she was never good enough and the world would be better off without her. Any time Whisper had a great day her mother made sure she cried before Whisper slept that night.

In school Whisper was very shy. She tried hard to remain invisible to those who surrounded her. She prayed violently that teachers would not call on her. Whisper was smart, she got great grades and yet almost failed English because she could not stand in front of others and speak.

In elementary school even Whisper’s friends called her Skinny Minnie. Whisper hated that name.  She learned early in life to hide when she was afraid, or when she could no longer tolerate her mother’s yelling. In school she hid under her desk or when the supply closet door was unlocked she curled into a ball under the bottom shelf. This worked for quite a while, but teachers finally caught on. At home her favorite hiding place was an abandoned chicken coop. She spent hours raking the straw and arranging wooden logs she had hauled from an old barn that resided on the property. It became her safe zone, where she cried, or day dreamed or met with an ancient master that sat with her and taught her the miracles of the Universe. She loved it here.

As Whisper grew her self-image began to grow. The world tore her down but the Masters helped her remember who she REALLY was and it always shocked her. How could she have been a Divine Goddess before she came to Earth? It took many years for Whisper to begin to believe in her memories.

For many years the whispers fought within her. Some yelled louder. They were the ones who told her she was not good enough, she would fail, she was not worthy of love. The quiet ones whispered to her heart. They told her how amazing she was and reminded her of her earthly contract to be a forerunner into the New Era. She would quietly reach out her hand to those who were ready to awaken.  Her whispers would help them remember their true pathway.

Whisper learned to speak in front of large groups. That was an amazing feat. She taught, lectured and mentored for many years. However, her heart was in the quiet messages (the whispers, like the gentle breezes that whistle through the forest) soothing and healing humanity.


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