Whisper Packs a New Suitcase

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Whisper was no longer the person she used to be. She no longer felt afraid, shy, resentful, angry or alone. She shed the feelings that no longer served her. Every morning she released more and more. She re-evaluated the people and experiences she had been holding onto, deciding what brought her joy, and releasing those who drained her and the belief systems that held her prisoner to her old way of life. She was tired and ready to invent a new life. She no longer believed that just because you were a friend or family member that you needed to keep them in your life.

As she walked to her mailbox, through the orange and grapefruit trees she fell to her knees, tired, frustrated and feeling as those even her blood had evaporated from her life. She screamed to the Universe, “Enough. No More. I am done taking care of others. It is my time to smile. Enough!!!!”

At that moment Whisper chose Peace over struggle and pain and that was the day the miracles began to appear. The people who drained her very fiber of being quietly slipped out of her life, without drama, angry words or painful goodbyes. They simply dissolved away. She was amazed at how easy it was. As she began to release her belief systems she noticed peace envelope her as easily as a gentle breeze.

She learned that it was OK to say “No!” Saying yes to things she didn’t really want was giving her true power away. Piece by piece her true self had slipped out of reach. When asked to do something she began checking in with her heart. Her heart always knew what would bring her joy. “Should”s and “have to”s left her vocabulary. “I have an appointment” became her answer when “No” rose up within. People understood appointment, yet “No” hurt others or offended their sense of what they thought she should do.

As Whisper became more proficient in this new way of life she quit basing her self-image on what others wanted or how they saw her. As she took her power back she discovered that sometimes when she helped others it was more out of ego than divine heart and sometimes she even sabotaged their journey, even to the point of stopping their growth. Sorrow filled her heart when she realized how many she had hurt in trying to help.

The messages that came to her now were about letting go of the belief in limitation. She was a mighty daughter of God, meaning she had a huge inheritance that she had not reached for or received. She decided to accept what her Father wanted to give to her.

At the moment of choosing to receive every thought or word, her thoughts became her reality. She thought about possibly moving into a new house. One with lots of light, beautiful views and peaceful. Within two weeks she was moving into exactly the perfect house. Her next move would be to Sedona. This time she asked for the perfect home at a price she could easily afford. She received a million dollar home for $2,000 per month. A home with a beautiful view, many windows and that was quiet as a church.

The purer Whispers heart became the greater the miracles. Joy and bliss began to fill her suitcase. As she removed the old articles from her suitcase the more room she had for the miracles. She was moving into a new era, a new country, and everything in her suitcase was new.

The love in her heart, became a magic potion which, when taken daily, produced miracles. She closed her suitcase. Lying on her bed was the money, tickets, maps, schedules, fear and worry that usually went with her. She knew she no longer needed them. This time she packed beauty, wise friends, passion, great health, and clear communication. The last article she reverently packed was her soul song, her most cherished possession.


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  1. Thank you for the reminder that everything (YES EVERYTHING) is a choice. As I literally pack my suitcase for another adventure – I know not where I go – and yet everything is good. God’s path is everywhere.

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