Whisper is the name of the spiritual entity that walks the planet with me and speaks with gentle words. 

Is she real or imaginary?

Whisper was five years old the first time she saw him. She had been lying in a meadow of flowers daydreaming. Nearby, a waterfall beckoned and she turned her head to see him leaning against a large, flat rock. He smiled and his cobalt eyes penetrated not only her heart, but her very soul. “My name is Master,” he said softly.

Daily, Whisper hurried to this magical place, anxious to see him again. He taught her, but more importantly, he listened. He held her when she cried, which was often. He celebrated with her when she was excited, and showed her the mystical ways of life.

Whisper’s mother was a socialite who would rather have her hair done, buy shoes, or play with her friends. Whisper raised her brothers. Her father only visited on weekends. He would stay until he could no longer bear his wife’s yelling.

As Whisper grew, her Mystical Master taught her many truths. She sat at his feet and, like a sponge, absorbed his teachings. She trusted him and never refused his requests.

Whisper walked the path of Spirit and her adventures taught her many secrets about Mother Earth, Humanity, and the Universes. Whisper’s greatest passion is to go within and discover secrets. Most people don’t want to search their souls; they continue to carry past pains. Whisper doesn’t like carrying extra baggage. She pokes and prods until she uncovers a past pain that needs resolution. Then she asks questions. What is the message in this? How can it be changed? She queries until the puzzle is connected piece-by-piece. Then she cheers!

Every piece of the puzzle reveals more about her true self. As she steps in her Divine Goddess nature, her adventures transport her into other dimensions where she encounters spiritual beings who teach her the truth of reality.

You are invited to join Whisper in her journey. Listen while Master teaches her secrets of the Universes. Watch him guide and protect her when she is alone, when she was raped, when she fell in love, married and had children, experienced the death of friends and family, and talked to the ancient ones in the Red Rocks.

Travel with Whisper when she meets her Twin Soul. Walk with her as she discovers her powers and abilities, her passions and love for Humanity. Watch Snow, her polar bear, protect her; Wolf, her teacher, interpret her lessons; Eagle, her teacher, comfort her during the dark night of her soul, and Lazarus, her lion, imbue her with strength.

Are Whisper’s adventures real or imaginary? You decide.