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Whispers Path Background

Who Is Whisper

WhisperIs she real or imaginary?

Whisper was five years old the first time she saw him. She had been lying in a meadow of flowers daydreaming. Nearby, a waterfall beckoned and she turned her head to see him leaning against a large, flat rock. He smiled and his cobalt eyes penetrated not only her heart, but her very soul. “My name is Master,” he said softly.

Daily, Whisper hurried to this magical place, anxious to see him again. He taught her, but more importantly, he listened. He held her when she cried, which was often. He celebrated with her when she was excited, and showed her the mystical ways of life.

Whisper’s mother was a socialite who would rather have her hair done, buy shoes, or play with her friends. Whisper raised her brothers. Her father only visited on weekends. He would stay until he could no longer bear his wife’s yelling.

As Whisper grew, her Mystical Master taught her many truths. She sat at his feet and, like a sponge, absorbed his teachings. She trusted him and never refused his requests.

Whisper walked the path of Spirit and her adventures taught her many secrets about Mother Earth, Humanity, and the Universes. Whisper’s greatest passion is to go within and discover secrets. Most people don’t want to search their souls; they continue to carry past pains. Whisper doesn’t like carrying extra baggage. She pokes and prods until she uncovers a past pain that needs resolution. Then she asks questions. What is the message in this? How can it be changed? She queries until the puzzle is connected piece-by-piece. Then she cheers!

Every piece of the puzzle reveals more about her true self. As she steps in her Divine Goddess nature, her adventures transport her into other dimensions where she encounters spiritual beings who teach her the truth of reality.

You are invited to join Whisper in her journey. Listen while Master teaches her secrets of the Universes. Watch him guide and protect her when she is alone, when she was raped, when she fell in love, married and had children, experienced the death of friends and family, and talked to the ancient ones in the Red Rocks.

Travel with Whisper when she meets her Twin Soul. Walk with her as she discovers her powers and abilities, her passions and love for Humanity. Watch Snow, her polar bear, protect her; Wolf, her teacher, interpret her lessons; Eagle, her teacher, comfort her during the dark night of her soul, and Lazarus, her lion, imbue her with strength.

Are Whisper’s adventures real or imaginary? You decide.

Whisper's PathWhisper began her Earth journey when she was just a wee one. She always knew there was more than she had been taught. There were many stones upon her path. Some were full of joy and happiness, but most were filled with sorrow, fear, and loneliness. However, all the stones were replete with learning and Divine growth.

Before Whisper came to Earth she placed cue cards along her path so she wouldn’t lose her way. She loved to conquer mile”stones” and continue onward. God’s light always lit her path. Angels, animals, masters, fairies, gnomes, and devas danced along with her, guiding and protecting her while quietly whispering words of wisdom.

Her path leads her to amazing dimensions, inner Earth, and other Universes. Travel with Whisper to places that most people fail to set aside time to explore.

If you would like to share your experiences with Whisper’s readers, email Whisper at whisper@whisperspath.com or enter a comment at Contact Whisper

Whisper's MagickWhisper heard voices that others couldn’t hear, or chose not to. She learned early to keep the whispers her secret. She grew up in an angry home so she cherished her invisible friends. They gave her the love her mother was unable to provide. She began running the home when she was very young. Her best friends quickly became her animal guides, her higher self, angels and masters that came to teach her. Before long spirits came asking Whisper to share messages with their loved ones. She loved her new friends and could hardly wait to finish her chores so she could play with them.

As Whisper steps into her Divine power, she no longer cares what others think or how they see her. She loves traveling through the Universes during her dream time. Sometimes she stops off to hold a dying soldier, or an abused child, or a woman who is desperate and alone. She travels into the Inner Earth where her planetary parents remind her of her gifts and powers and she spends time with old friends from Lemuria and Atlantis.

Whisper has learned how to live in peace and harmony and  shares unconditional love with those around her. She goes on many adventures, copiously taking notes and sharing her experiences with her avid readers.

Dark Night of the SoulWhisper has always been the strong one, the one people go to when trouble arises, the one who teaches in a gentle and powerful way.

However, Whisper has walked many dark nights and her soul has cried out begging to be released from her Earth journey. When she cries Source sends a gentle rain, reminding her that she is never alone. Angels, Ancients, Masters and Power Animals surround her, loving her, protecting and supporting her.

Walk with Whisper on her many adventures. Listen as she reveals her dark nights, and how she emerges with a stronger and gentler heart.

Whisper's MasksWhisper wears many masks, some colorful and playful and some deep with insight and challenges. With each challenge another mask falls away, revealing more of the true Whisper. No one truly sees Whisper for the Divine Woman she is; they see what they want to see and what their personal filters allow them to see.

She no longer wears her masks. With many years of diligent inner work she has shed them and she now stands in her Divine Power and pure innocence. Most of Humanity can not see her, but if you look closely you may catch a glimpse of her as she slips in and out of your life. If you catch a view of her, catch the magic that she brings and hold it close to your heart, there you will discover how she changes lives with only a Whisper.

Whisper & RaineWhisper Soars

When Whisper and her Twin Soul, Raine, agreed to come to Earth, they knew their paths would cross but never merge. She walks the Earth alone and her heart yearns for her true love. However, when Whisper needs him he soars into her life imbuing her with his strength. When she travels he flies from one fence to another, guiding her and protecting her. Much of the time he appears as a Raven, with his black silky feathers and musical call. Sometimes he appears in a room bringing his love and wisdom in quiet and magical moments.

When Whisper came to Earth she knew the adventure she wanted to experience. She contacted her Soul Family and they all agreed to play the parts she needed in this lifetime.

Raine is half of Whisper’s soul so they always walk the Earth together. In this lifetime their souls separated, each going on their own adventures, but always aware of each others lives. During their dream time Raine comes and they discuss their challenges, celebrate their achievements and plan what path they should take next. Raine holds Whisper close and always has her back. She loves that about him. Few on Earth does that. She feels safe but mostly she feels loved, loved like she did in the Higher Dimensions. They now meet in the Inner Earth where they are taught by Whispers Planetary parents Uros and Astara. They no longer need to wait for Dream Time in order to soar through the heavens.

Soon Whisper and Raine will leave the Inner Earth and go to other Dimensions. Follow their story in the Whisper’s Path Series.

Whisper's Animal Totems

SnowWhisper was sitting in a transformation class. The classroom was quiet as the messages kept coming through. The teacher abruptly stopped, with eyes wide and astonished. “Oh my God, Whisper!” Whisper was confused, not understanding what the shift in her friend was about. “What?” she exclaimed. “There are three polar bears sitting next to you.” Whisper could not see them but could feel them immediately. One sat at her right, one was behind her and the other at her left. She was not afraid, in fact, in seemed as if they had always been there. The one on her left told her he was her protector. The one on the right said he was there to open her intuitive eyes and the one at her back said he would always have her back.

Every morning as Whisper sat with her beloved coffee each took their place and began speaking to her. The strongest one was Protector. He said his name was “Snow”.

 She felt as though she had known him forever. He acknowledged that she was right, that he had been with her throughout time. He had always protected her. In one lifetime he had lifted her up as she had fallen to her death from a cliff high in the mountains, being pushed by an Indian brave. In another lifetime he sat at her feet as she hung from chains in a dark cold cave. In this lifetime, he lifted her out of a moving car just before a telephone pole landed, right where she had been sitting.

Snow is gentle, and yet strong. If someone wishes her harm he radiates his strength and even though they can not see him, they walk away, shaking their heads.

Whispers family worries as she never locks her doors or windows. When they begin to scold, Whisper simply smiles. If only they knew what laid at the foot of her bed in the dead of the night. Who would have the courage to face an angry polar bear she muses.

The three walked with Whisper for many years, protecting, guiding and keeping her safe, but, eventually, two of them left her side, leaving only Protector who is now one of her best friends. She curls up with him when fear creeps in and shares her day as she gently falls asleep. Snow loves her, completely, openly, without judgment or expectations. He simply loves her and she loves him.

The first time she saw him he was lying in the sun at a zoo. Whisper stopped and stood in amazement at his beauty and strength. He had a large black ring of fur that wrapped around his neck. She had never seen anything quite like him. He turned his head and looked her straight in the eye. She stood spell bound, unable to shift her eyes from his stare. It was as though he could see clear into her very soul. They continued like this for several minutes. As she walked away from him she felt as though something very important had just happened but she didn’t know just what that was.

The next morning as she sat in meditation Snow sat in his usual place to her left. Eagle laid at her feet and to her amazement on her right was Lazarus. He looked up at her as she stared open mouthed. He smiled and said that he was now going to walk with her and provide her with much needed strength.

Whisper had to laugh. She knew at that moment that she would never fear anything again. Who would dare try to harm her with a polar bear on her left and a lion on her right.

Snow, Eagle and Lion have been with Whisper for many years now. They are not just protectors they are her friends, her family, part of her heart and she loved them as they loved her.


Whisper has traveled deep within her soul for many years. One day as she sat in meditation Eagle appeared in front of her and looked deep into her eyes. She was amazed but mostly excited. He was so beautiful. The sun danced across his golden wings his eyes were soft and kind.

As Eagle began speaking Whisper was not afraid. Animals spoke to her often, but never like this. He then asked her if she would like to fly with him. She was confused. How could she fly with him she thought? “Close your eyes and in your mind step within my body” Eagle said. Whisper wasn’t sure just how to do what he asked, but closed her eyes and instantly she discovered she was within this magnificent being. She could feel his heart beat, the warmth of his body, and could see through his eyes.

Eagle began to raise himself up into the sky. Whisper worried that her weight would cause him to sink back to the ground, but instead, he soared into the clouds. She could feel his mighty wings raising up and down and the view from his eyes was incredible. She could smell the oceans, feel the breeze as it whipped around his body. The sun felt warm as he soared in and around, up and down.

She never wanted this magical ride to end, but it did. She stepped out and he quickly assured her that he would be back and they would ride many times together. Had he read her mind she had wondered? “Yes” he replied.” I have read your mind many times dear one.”

Wise OnesWolf first appeared to Whisper many years ago. She was pulling out of her mothers drive way when she looked to her right where the road rose to a small hill. There he stood, watching her. He was so majestic that she stopped the car and they both stared into each others soul. He told her he would interpret divine messages so she would see more clarity. He walks with her daily, goes on her adventures and answers her myriad of questions. They are best friends and he loves it when Whisper romps with him.