Whisper and Raine

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When Whisper and her Twin Soul, Raine, agreed to come to Earth, they knew their paths would cross but never merge. She walks the Earth alone and her heart yearns for her true love. However, when Whisper needs him he soars into her life imbuing her with his strength. When she travels he flies from one fence to another, guiding her and protecting her. Much of the time he appears as a Raven, with his black silky feathers and musical call. Sometimes he appears in a room bringing his love and wisdom in quiet and magical moments.

When Whisper came to Earth she knew the adventure she wanted to experience. She contacted her Soul Family and they all agreed to play the parts she needed in this lifetime.

Raine is half of Whisper’s soul so they always walk the Earth together. In this lifetime their souls separated, each going on their own adventures, but always aware of each others lives. During their dream time Raine comes and they discuss their challenges, celebrate their achievements and plan what path they should take next. Raine holds Whisper close and always has her back. She loves that about him. Few on Earth does that. She feels safe but mostly she feels loved, loved like she did in the Higher Dimensions. They now meet in the Inner Earth where they are taught by Whispers Planetary parents Uros and Astara. They no longer need to wait for Dream Time in order to soar through the heavens.

Soon Whisper and Raine will leave the Inner Earth and go to other Dimensions. Follow their story in the Whisper’s Path Series.