Golden: Whisper’s Guide

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7992158_origWhisper has traveled deep within her soul for many years. One day as she sat in meditation Eagle appeared in front of her and looked deep into her eyes. She was amazed but mostly excited. He was so beautiful. The sun danced across his golden wings his eyes were soft and kind.

As Eagle began speaking Whisper was not afraid. Animals spoke to her often, but never like this. He then asked her if she would like to fly with him. She was confused. How could she fly with him she thought? “Close your eyes and in your mind step within my body” Eagle said. Whisper wasn’t sure just how to do what he asked, but closed her eyes and instantly she discovered she was within this magnificent being. She could feel his heart beat, the warmth of his body, and could see through his eyes.

Eagle began to raise himself up into the sky. Whisper worried that her weight would cause him to sink back to the ground, but instead, he soared into the clouds. She could feel his mighty wings raising up and down and the view from his eyes was incredible. She could smell the oceans, feel the breeze as it whipped around his body. The sun felt warm as he soared in and around, up and down.

She never wanted this magical ride to end, but it did. She stepped out and he quickly assured her that he would be back and they would ride many times together. Had he read her mind she had wondered? “Yes” he replied.” I have read your mind many times dear one.”