6875383_origThe first time she saw him he was lying in the sun at a zoo. Whisper stopped and stood in amazement at his beauty and strength. He had a large black ring of fur that wrapped around his neck. She had never seen anything quite like him. He turned his head and looked her straight in the eye. She stood spell bound, unable to shift her eyes from his stare. It was as though he could see clear into her very soul. They continued like this for several minutes. As she walked away from him she felt as though something very important had just happened but she didn’t know just what that was.

The next morning as she sat in meditation Snow sat in his usual place to her left. Eagle laid at her feet and to her amazement on her right was Lazarus. He looked up at her as she stared open mouthed. He smiled and said that he was now going to walk with her and provide her with much needed strength.

Whisper had to laugh. She knew at that moment that she would never fear anything again. Who would dare try to harm her with a polar bear on her left and a lion on her right.

Snow, Eagle and Lion have been with Whisper for many years now. They are not just protectors they are her friends, her family, part of her heart and she loved them as they loved her.