7805905_origWhisper was sitting in a transformation class. The classroom was quiet as the messages kept coming through. The teacher abruptly stopped, with eyes wide and astonished. “Oh my God, Whisper!” Whisper was confused, not understanding what the shift in her friend was about. “What?” she exclaimed. “There are three polar bears sitting next to you.” Whisper could not see them but could feel them immediately. One sat at her right, one was behind her and the other at her left. She was not afraid, in fact, in seemed as if they had always been there. The one on her left told her he was her protector. The one on the right said he was there to open her intuitive eyes and the one at her back said he would always have her back.

Every morning as Whisper sat with her beloved coffee each took their place and began speaking to her. The strongest one was Protector. He said his name was “Snow”.

 She felt as though she had known him forever. He acknowledged that she was right, that he had been with her throughout time. He had always protected her. In one lifetime he had lifted her up as she had fallen to her death from a cliff high in the mountains, being pushed by an Indian brave. In another lifetime he sat at her feet as she hung from chains in a dark cold cave. In this lifetime, he lifted her out of a moving car just before a telephone pole landed, right where she had been sitting.

Snow is gentle, and yet strong. If someone wishes her harm he radiates his strength and even though they can not see him, they walk away, shaking their heads.

Whispers family worries as she never locks her doors or windows. When they begin to scold, Whisper simply smiles. If only they knew what laid at the foot of her bed in the dead of the night. Who would have the courage to face an angry polar bear she muses.

The three walked with Whisper for many years, protecting, guiding and keeping her safe, but, eventually, two of them left her side, leaving only Protector who is now one of her best friends. She curls up with him when fear creeps in and shares her day as she gently falls asleep. Snow loves her, completely, openly, without judgment or expectations. He simply loves her and she loves him.