Whisper’s Magick

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Whisper heard voices that others couldn’t hear, or chose not to. She learned early to keep the whispers her secret. She grew up in an angry home so she cherished her invisible friends. They gave her the love her mother was unable to provide. She began running the home when she was very young. Her best friends quickly became her animal guides, her higher self, angels and masters that came to teach her. Before long spirits came asking Whisper to share messages with their loved ones. She loved her new friends and could hardly wait to finish her chores so she could play with them.

As Whisper steps into her Divine power, she no longer cares what others think or how they see her. She loves traveling through the Universes during her dream time. Sometimes she stops off to hold a dying soldier, or an abused child, or a woman who is desperate and alone. She travels into the Inner Earth where her planetary parents remind her of her gifts and powers and she spends time with old friends from Lemuria and Atlantis.

Whisper has learned how to live in peace and harmony and  shares unconditional love with those around her. She goes on many adventures, copiously taking notes and sharing her experiences with her avid readers.