Whisper’s Path

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Whisper began her Earth journey when she was just a wee one. She always knew there was more than she had been taught. There were many stones upon her path. Some were full of joy and happiness, but most were filled with sorrow, fear, and loneliness. However, all the stones were replete with learning and Divine growth.

Before Whisper came to Earth she placed cue cards along her path so she wouldn’t lose her way. She loved to conquer mile”stones” and continue onward. God’s light always lit her path. Angels, animals, masters, fairies, gnomes, and devas danced along with her, guiding and protecting her while quietly whispering words of wisdom.

Her path leads her to amazing dimensions, inner Earth, and other Universes. Travel with Whisper to places that most people fail to set aside time to explore.

If you would like to share your experiences with Whisper’s readers, email Whisper at whisper@whisperspath.com or enter a comment at Contact Whisper.